Figurative language

In writing, we have been learning about figurative language in poetry.  Figurative language has lots of effects on a reader.  

I enjoied doing this task.

I did well at  knowing what each question  was.

I need to improve on learning more about this figurative language.


Water filter

Yesterday on 30’th of march Me & Cattaleya  was finnishing off our  work beacause we were in pairs.

then we came around finnishing this water filter.

First we had to watch a film of how to make our own water filter.

Next we made a google drawing well i chose to do a slide.

Finally that i  fixed some mistakes and blogged this .

I did well at sharing my ideas with Cattaleya

I enjoyed doing this task in groups.

i need to improve on learning more about this water filter task.

Here is my work:

Sport with MRS MORRIS

In HPE today we had too do a warm up before we did mini games of volley ball.

First we did a warm up and  it was very very tirering .

Next we got in to teams and versed some other teams from people that are out of our group.

Then mrs morris asked if we could do the warm up in the easter holidays.

I think i might need to improve on PE.

Water polution

This week in inquriy we learnt about what is a water pollution?.

First We had to do this task in group’s.

Next  We had to answer questions like for exsample:is water pollution good or bad.

After that we  had to  do write 5 facts about what we know about water pollution.

Then we showed our teachers. and they said we can blog our documents.

I need to improve on  my Inquiry and learn more about Water pollution.

Here is my work:







PB4L-Use ur Wits

This week in PB4L we learned how to use our wits.

If you don’t know how what wits stands for this is what it stands for. W means walk away, I means ignore it, T means talk about it and lastly S means Seek help.

First I had to explain what each letter means.

Next I had to decorated my DLO and made it look good.

Here is my work:

Labelling A River

This week in inquiry we  learnt how to lable a river.

First i had to mark my paper  before i sat on the mat .   I had to use the video to work out what each part of the river was.

Next we went to the mat to mark it.

After that i  was finishing  blogging this and i relized i needed to fix up my sentences. One of them for example was like papar its supposed to be paper so i fixed all of those up.

I  enjoyed doing this task. I did well at labelling the river. I need to improve on inquiry.

List features

This week I learned about List Features in Miss Tele’as writing groups.  these were the list we had to do: what would body builders eat.and teachers to do list.

First I had to list what body builders would buy to eat. For example : A portein bar.

Next I had to list teachers to do list. I had to come up with our own ideas. For example : Get ready to see there student’s.

Lastly I had to show Ms Eadie the list of features I came up with and I added more stuff to the body builders list.

I enjoyed listing features. I did well at listing stuff. I need to improve on listing more stuff to body builder.

Class rules-Ls1

Today in PB4L we talked about class rules  beacause some of us keeps talking.  We have a class dojo and my teacher  says if we go on the mat quietly that is an opportunity to get a point. Next I made a DLO of some rules we have in Ls1.  Some of these we have to use during morning tea beacause people do silly games with sticks and stuff. After that I showed my teachers my work and they said I can publish it on my blog. THE END-Ataahua

Waitangi inferences

Today in inquriy we learnt about inferences of  waitangi, there were to 2 paintings  but one of them were taken ten years later  and i  chose painting  1 i made infrences about it was the first painting we talked about it in groups of 5 or 4 my group was Alicity,Cattelayea,me,sila.It was like an all girl group.Next we sat on the floor and  made inferences.After that we had to share our ideas to the whole class before we did them on our computers.Later then ive been working on google drawing.I also want to improve my Inquriy.i hope you like my drwing.

This is my work