Remeber when Sweet-E’s bag got stuck in the tree

Today in PB4L  we talked about the word Inclusion and  my answer was incuding someone  then our teacher put somthing on a google drawing and it said this Write a story about a time you had a problem and how you solved the problem OR Write down 5 times this week you have made an effort to include others. And i chose this Write a story about a time you had a problem and how you solved the problem and this is my story .


Tody in writing we were doing a narrative writing and we had to make a book based on our topic  and this is how mined turned out.




On a dark stormy night

In a land so far away there was a village where fairies lived until someone interrupted this story…


“Wait!”,said Kingston , the leader of the pack. “That’s not the story, this is the real story and when you read the lines make sure to say it with some attitude and lighten up we didn’t hire you to read like you’re bored.”… 


Here we go again.                                 


Once upom a time in a small happy village there lived nine happily fairies named Jay,me,Crystal,Chase,Courtney,Emma,Sky,Niche and the 2 twins Maddie and Sarah. They live next to a lovely lake.


There was one problem. An evil snake was trying to steal the whole fairy kingdom’s pixie dust to make him so powerful…


“Yeah, that’s definitely not the story,” 


“He would have the whole fairy kingdom to himself and he would be allowed to control the fairies but we always had our way of saving the day.”said Emma.


“Correct!” said Courtney.


“Our  challenge will be more challenging  because the weather forecast said that it will be a dark and stormy night at 5:00 and that’s when we have to meet  Evil snake Roy.” said Courtney.


“We don’t wanna go,” said Vicky.


“I know,but we have no choice,” said       Courtney. 


It’s scary in Roy’s castle. The fairies sneaked into the snake’s castle and why don’t we just get this over with and get our  pixie dust back  and then  Roy will never be seen again?


“Yay!” We cheered.


The End


Made by:Ataahua Mohi-Rau