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There is no planet B

For PB4L our learning intention  is dispose of rubbish correctlty.

First we did a jamboard that had quetions on there like “How do you respect the the earth” Like stuff like  that,

Next our teacher Miss tele’a asked to sit on the mats so we can go edit a DLO.

After our DLO we  bloged and put the link into our must do list.

I loved this task i also included a stop motion poster in one of my blog posts.

I need to improve on doing more google drawings instead of slide.

I enjoyed this task.


Thank you.


In inquiry we learnt about empathy.

First we had to create a dlo of exsplainging what Empathy is.

Next we  had to finnish it off during lunch time

Finally I blogged and I enjoyed doing this task.

I did well at doing this task.

I need to improve on learning more about Empathy.

PB4L-Use ur Wits

This week in PB4L we learned how to use our wits.

If you don’t know how what wits stands for this is what it stands for. W means walk away, I means ignore it, T means talk about it and lastly S means Seek help.

First I had to explain what each letter means.

Next I had to decorated my DLO and made it look good.

Here is my work:

Remeber when Sweet-E’s bag got stuck in the tree

Today in PB4L  we talked about the word Inclusion and  my answer was incuding someone  then our teacher put somthing on a google drawing and it said this Write a story about a time you had a problem and how you solved the problem OR Write down 5 times this week you have made an effort to include others. And i chose this Write a story about a time you had a problem and how you solved the problem and this is my story .