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Te Reo Maori

This week for Miss White’s inquiry group we learned about te wiki o te Reo Māori for Māori language weekend.

First, I had to make a copy of the te wiki o te Reo Māori google slide. There were 15 tasks to do during the whole block. I first started off with the KWL chart. K stands for Knowledge, W stands for Wonder, and L stands with Learned. For knowledge I had to write down what I already know about Māori. For wonder I had to write down questions I would like to know about Māori, and for learned I had to write down what I already learned.

Next, I had to learn how to introduce yourself in Te Reo Māori. I had to watch a video below and write my own mihi in the box. For example: Ko Ataahua tōku ingoa. After I finish watching the video, I had to watch the video linked below, and to find the Māori translation for the Kupu. For example: what is this? He aha Tenie. After I finished doing the matches in Māori, I had to choose one of the stories below to listen to or read. The options were Journey of a waka, ika a whiro, oriori, nga pepeha a nga tupuna, Rahui, he toi whaka iro, weaving tukutuku, and kakano. I picked Rahui because it looks interesting.

Then, I had to do SSR Selfie (Super Silent reading). I had to write down who is the author or illustrator, who are the main character, recount what happened in the story, and list three words with your meaning in your own words from the story or book you have listen to or read. For example: Happy means kind of excited. After we finished, we had to find ways we can respond to, for example: Kei te pehea Koe? We had to translate it to English to Māori. One of the sentences were, I am feeling well. We also had to join the Kupu – Using the line tool, match the Kupu to its’ correct translation.

Korero between friends.  Insert a photo of yourself, and a photo of a classmate. Make your speech bubble ask your friend how they are in Te Reo.  Choose one of the responses from slides 5-6 for your classmate to use in response to you. My partner for the slide was my friend called Sila. She asked me “He Pene Tenei.” which means this is a pencil. After that we had to Kei te aha Koe? What are you doing? Watch the video, then match the Kupu. I completed all of the Kupu and matched it with the right order. Then he had to do another Korero between friends.  Insert a photo of yourself, and a photo of a classmate. Make your speech bubble ask your friend how they are in Te Reo.  Choose one of the responses from slide 8 for your classmate to use in response to you. She asked me “Kei te pai ahau” which means I am feeling good.

After, we had to choose one of the tasks below to complete as your DLO part of your project. The options were to interactive quiz (Kahoot, Booklet, Quizlet etc. Google Slide quiz etc.), virtual tour – create a virtual tour using Screencast and Google Earth to create virtual tours of significant Māori cultural sites, digital Storybook – Use Pixton to make a comic or Google Slides to make an animation of narratives that incorporate what you’ve learnt about Māori legends, myths, or historical events, infographic – Use Google Drawings to present key information or language you’ve learnt from the Māori culture, Māori Language Phrasebook – Use Google Docs, or Slides, or Drawings to create a Māori Language Phrasebook, or Māori Worksheet – be a teacher and create a worksheet you could use to “test” student’s knowledge of Māori language.  This can be designed for a Year 1 student, or a Year 8 student. I picked to make a DLO.

Lastly, we get to play Māori math games. There were numbers in Māori, Māori Color, Fruit & Veg, and Animals, and last for not least Māori Vocabulary – this game requires you to learn the words before playing. After we finish playing the different type of games, we had to take a screenshot of our score.


This week for Miss Tele’a maths group we learned about how to revise our addition, subtraction, multipication and divison knowledge.

First, we had to discuss in a group what addition, subtraction, multipication and divison. Addition is the action or process of adding something to something else. Subtraction is the process or skill of taking one number or amount away from another. Multipication is the process or skill of multiplying. And divison is the action of separating  something into parts or the process of being separated.

Next, Miss Tele’a told us to rather do prototec, addition boxes, basic facts practice, and number of the day. The choices are so hard because I like to do all of them but I have to do one of them. I picked number of the day because I havent done it before so It is my turn to do it.
Lastly, when we finish both of the worksheet and slides, practice some number knowledge we get to play a different game called e-ako maths adventure. This game is so fun and good to learn about addition and any type of subject.
I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at playing the game. I need to improve on my multipication and divison.


This week for Miss Tele’a reading groups we learned about how to revise skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. Choose out of one of the texts below to complete this week.

First, we had to discuss in a group what sharks are? Sharks are a group of sea creatures that have skeletons. They are a type of fish but different. Sharks will normally hunt old, weak or sick fish and other prey. For example: Sharks eat fishes because they think it’s delicious but it’s sad because fishes are sea creatures who want to live.

Next, Miss Tele’a explained to us what our task was. The task we said was that we had to make a copy of the slides you choose to work on this week. In the slides it talks about Sharks.

After we finished completing the slides, Miss Tele’a put 2 things on the slide for the people who finished early. They were SACAWAC, your 10 words that are on the board and the last one was complete 5x read Read Theory quizzes when we finished.

Lastly, we had to link the taks into the hand sheet as soon as you made a copy. Share your slides to your blog and improve on what you need to do.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining what sharks are. I need to improve on add ign more details into the slides and tasks.

Smart scearching

Today we were learning about Smart searching.

First we split into our cybersmart group.

Next we sat up close so we could listen to miss white what our next task to do is.

After that everyone started to work on the task miss White gave us and after everyone was finished she got crowded by the people who were finished.

Lastly all i had to do was blog and i done.

Fraction division

This week in maths we learned about DIVISION in a fraction form.

Our LI is:Practice  comprehension of fraction and division of whole numbers.

Firstly,Miss Tele’a asked my group Tapa-Toru down to the mat for a group task.

After,we finished we started the slide im about to show you. and all we had to do mwas share the objects eqauly.

Speech official.

This week in term 3 week 7 on wensday we went to the hall after morning tea we went to the speech finals in PBS school after we all the speeches were finished it was time for the  official certificates.

First, place came chelly from room 3  and her speech was about the poem called “Niki Nuku” She won first place in the juniors.

Next,Next in second place in the juniors was Shirra from ruma tahi (ROOM 1) her poem was 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

After,all of the other juniors got their officail certfacates it was time for the senoirs.

Here is the winners for the senors :  Micaela was the 1st person to get the certifacate then came Hasna After hasna came drum roll please the final official speech finalist is……..Marcel from ls1.

There is no planet B

For PB4L our learning intention  is dispose of rubbish correctlty.

First we did a jamboard that had quetions on there like “How do you respect the the earth” Like stuff like  that,

Next our teacher Miss tele’a asked to sit on the mats so we can go edit a DLO.

After our DLO we  bloged and put the link into our must do list.

I loved this task i also included a stop motion poster in one of my blog posts.

I need to improve on doing more google drawings instead of slide.

I enjoyed this task.


Thank you.

Dancing Raisins

This week for Inquiry we learned about dancing raisins and we did dancing raisins.

First I wrote what my porpouse was, it was to’ Observe the behaviour of raisins in a carbonated liquid” and I also wrote what materials that you would need for the experiment. First you need a clear jar, Sprite, Raisins & Cashew (optional).

Next, we had to write down our procedure text onto our document.

Then you have to add the raisins and then the cashews in to the sprite in the jar.

Wait and see what happens.

After that I predicted what would happen and finally I did the experiment.