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This week for Miss Tele’a maths group we learned about how to revise our addition, subtraction, multipication and divison knowledge.

First, we had to discuss in a group what addition, subtraction, multipication and divison. Addition is the action or process of adding something to something else. Subtraction is the process or skill of taking one number or amount away from another. Multipication is the process or skill of multiplying. And divison is the action of separating  something into parts or the process of being separated.

Next, Miss Tele’a told us to rather do prototec, addition boxes, basic facts practice, and number of the day. The choices are so hard because I like to do all of them but I have to do one of them. I picked number of the day because I havent done it before so It is my turn to do it.
Lastly, when we finish both of the worksheet and slides, practice some number knowledge we get to play a different game called e-ako maths adventure. This game is so fun and good to learn about addition and any type of subject.
I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at playing the game. I need to improve on my multipication and divison.


This week for maths

We larent how how to use the keywords of Addition,Multilblecatio,Subtraction,Division.

First Miss Tele’a told us what to do then we went off  made a copy of the work she shared to us.

Then i was almost finish with my work  keeping on doing the hard  Mahi/Work

Lastly i finish then started blogging on my blog post & then i was done with the work.

I need to improve on my maths.

I enjoyed this task.

Here is the hard mahi i was talking about.


Repeated Addition

This week for maths we have been learning how to use different strategies to solve multiplication equations.  The strategies we revised were arrays and repeated addition.  We also worked in a small group to try to find the equation  in a multiplication word problem.  Repeated addition is a stategy that helps us to understand multiplication.

I did well at learning about stratergies that can solve multiplication equations.

I enjoyed joing other groups when miss Tele’a finished with my group.

I need to improve on learning more stratagies that can help me solve more multiplication eqautions

My hard work:

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