Class rules-Ls1

Today in PB4L we talked about class rules  beacause some of us keeps talking.  We have a class dojo and my teacher  says if we go on the mat quietly that is an opportunity to get a point. Next I made a DLO of some rules we have in Ls1.  Some of these we have to use during morning tea beacause people do silly games with sticks and stuff. After that I showed my teachers my work and they said I can publish it on my blog. THE END-Ataahua

2 thoughts on “Class rules-Ls1

  1. Hi Ataahua i like you care values it is really important that you use those rules to elders and kids hope you get alought of blog posts tis year ka pai.

  2. KIa Ora ataahua I like the way you did the colours and it look detailing. You should learn more about the care vaules and anyways check my blog there is a care value on my blog to Ka Pai.

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