Speech official.

This week in term 3 week 7 on wensday we went to the hall after morning tea we went to the speech finals in PBS school after we all the speeches were finished it was time for the  official certificates.

First, place came chelly from room 3  and her speech was about the poem called “Niki Nuku” She won first place in the juniors.

Next,Next in second place in the juniors was Shirra from ruma tahi (ROOM 1) her poem was 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

After,all of the other juniors got their officail certfacates it was time for the senoirs.

Here is the winners for the senors :  Micaela was the 1st person to get the certifacate then came Hasna After hasna came drum roll please the final official speech finalist is……..Marcel from ls1.

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