This week for Miss Tele’a reading groups we learned about how to revise skills needed to read for meaning and understanding. Choose out of one of the texts below to complete this week.

First, we had to discuss in a group what sharks are? Sharks are a group of sea creatures that have skeletons. They are a type of fish but different. Sharks will normally hunt old, weak or sick fish and other prey. For example: Sharks eat fishes because they think it’s delicious but it’s sad because fishes are sea creatures who want to live.

Next, Miss Tele’a explained to us what our task was. The task we said was that we had to make a copy of the slides you choose to work on this week. In the slides it talks about Sharks.

After we finished completing the slides, Miss Tele’a put 2 things on the slide for the people who finished early. They were SACAWAC, your 10 words that are on the board and the last one was complete 5x read Read Theory quizzes when we finished.

Lastly, we had to link the taks into the hand sheet as soon as you made a copy. Share your slides to your blog and improve on what you need to do.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining what sharks are. I need to improve on add ign more details into the slides and tasks.

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