Suspenseful Beginning

It was a stormy night. Wind was blowing, rain was flowing through the night carrying a dusty, smokey smell that would change the world.  A tall Bubble lifted his head and laughed. He looked human except for his white eyes and scaly wings.  He blinked in surprise. The message had been correct: they were here. Or was I going to die? He weighed the odds, then said, “H-h-hi there I’m Bubbles nice to meet you.”

This week for Miss Tele’a’s writing group we learned about how to create a suspenseful beginning through imagery and dialogue.

Suspenseful means creating a feeling of excitement and uncertainty about what will happen next.

Imagery means using descriptive language to create vivid mental picture or sensory experiences.

Dialogue is a conversation between characters in a story or play. It helps reveal information, develop characters, and move the plot forward.

First we had to open  the Google Slides Miss Tele’a put on for us to work on.

Next, on the next day my teacher Miss Tele’a came to see me and my friend Brooke and we assessed ourselves and each other. 

After that she told us to go on each others slide.

Then after we finished she told us to publish.

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