Labeling Positions on a Grid.

This week we are learning about Coordanits & labeling Positions on a Grid but we are only foucasing on labeling Positions on a Grid.

This is how we did it.

First we had to put it on the dots for example A2 it would look somthing like this:

A          B         C      D    E     F       G   H   I   J  K   L  M  N  O  P



2                .







Thats what itll look like Align the letters and numbers.

Next we lable the rest.  After that we had to do a work sheet that lead us to create an emoji,Mine were 3 hearts.

After that we got to do awakning ledgens of learning its a math program that is so fun it will make you love math so much.

Lastly my writing&acctual teacher miss Tele’a said we are going to do CO’ORDANITS next week i will post it in my next math post.

I love this task it acctualy made me love maths again

I reckon we should learn more about this task i absoloutley loved it.

Here you go:

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